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CFHM (French horology) figures


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direct jobs for the French horological industry




world rank for exporting countries of watches..


billions are the exports and re-exports amount for 2015


world rank for exporting countries of watch components and straps/metallic bands.

Our missions

The French horological industry includes 3 business sectors :

Watch components and subcontracting for luxury or precision work (hands, cases, straps or metallic bands, movements...)

Watch brands (from design to internal or subcontracting assembling, licenses distribution)

Clockmaking (clocks and domestic clocks, time distribution and synchronization, industrial appliances)..

The CFHM insures both representation and promotion of the sector by developing collective projects (R*D projects, presence of a collaborator in Shanghai, organization of meetings B to B and consumers exhibitions). Since 1947, date of its creation, it puts expertise for its companies through the administrative, legislative, statutory, legal, technical, economic and financial items related to the sector. Regarding industrial property rights, it can offer help to its members for brands/drawings/ models registration, research for anteriority in case of dispute.

Pease contact us

  • CFHM - Chambre française de l'horlogerie et des microtechniques

    22 Avenue Franklin De Roosevelt
    75008 Paris

    +33 (0)1 53 77 29 00


  • CFHM - Show room Shanghai

    321-323 Jian Guo Xi Lu,Xuhui district
    Shanghai, Chine

    +86 (21) 6422 9766